Leasing with purchase option

To whom is our program intended?

You would like to acquire a property, but your efforts with the banks have remained fruitless? Let us help you to restore your financial position in order that your dream could finally come true.

Our rent-to-own program can enable you to have easy and quick access to home ownership, if:

  • Your credit rating is too low
  • You have declared bankruptcy or have filed a consumer proposal
  • You are an immigrant and have no credit history
  • You are self-employed
  • You have experienced personal problems
  • You have concerns regarding your health
Programme de location-achat immobilier

Our goal: to help you to have access to home ownership or to stay in your house

We closely follow your process and accompany you to enable you to restore your credit, understand and respect the bank rules and regain financial health. The ultimate goal: make the purchase of your house possible!

A 4-step process

    1. 1. Eligibility

      In order to see if leasing with purchase option would be an interesting proposition for you, we begin by verifying your eligibility in accordance with our program’s criteria. Upon acceptation of your case, you will benefit from our wide range of customized solutions. See Eligibility

    1. 2. Purchase

      You select the house of your choice and Solution Nord-Immo buys the house for you. At the end of the term, we sell back the house to you, at the price that was predetermined between us at the beginning of the process. The conditions, provisions and terms are clearly established and accepted by all parties before signing the contract.

    1. 3. Leasing

      You pay the rent for a period varying from two to three years, at a fair price as determined within the framework of a contract made in due form.

  1. 4. Buyback

    Now the time has come to proceed to the final buyback of your house! We accompany you throughout the acquisition process. You benefit from complete real estate services, from the beginning to the end of our partnership.

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