Mortgage renewal

Your bank refuses to renew your mortgage loan?

Your financial position or your credit rating has changed and the banks have lost confidence in you?  We definitely can help you! We believe that every problem has a solution. We have successfully demonstrated our ability to build trust-based relationships with our clients.

Our experience and know-how enable us to formulate solutions that are well-adapted, despite the various constraints related to the acquisition of a property.  This being said, please note that to reach a viable and satisfactory agreement for you as for us, you must satisfy the following eligibility criteria:

  • You have paid more than 20 % of the value of your house
  • Your house is in sound condition
  • You have the capacity to pay a rent
  • You accept to restore your credit worthiness
  • Your house is located within the Greater Montreal Area

These criteria correspond to your situation? Let us help you!

We have a solution to the mortgage conditions constraints!

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