Solution Nord-Immo

Solution Nord-Immo is:

  • Comprehensive management of the development of your projects, by a team of specialists who are devoted and entirely at your disposition.
  • A network of specialized partners who will accompany you and will provide you with premium-quality service.
  • The insurance of a method that is widespread and that has established its credentials all around the world, notably in Europe and in the United States.

Some specific needs of our clients require a multidisciplinary perspective. This is why we have gathered a strategic team who have developed a sharp and advanced expertise to meet all the needs and expectations.

  1. 1. Real estate brokerage

    Our president, Manon Sicotte, is member of OACIQ and of the Chambre immobilière de Québec. She also has gained many years of practical experience working in creative risk financing.

  2. 2. Mortgage brokerage

    As a whole, our team possesses an extensive knowledge in the banking rules. We also work closely with several specialists who can help you in restoring your credit score.

  1. 3. Credit recovery

    We are in close contact with several specialized organizations who are perfectly trained and are able to support you during the process of improving your credit rating.

  2. 4. Private lender

    We have developed a wide network of private lending groups, so we can provide you with viable solutions in creative financing.